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Artistic Director Brent Kostyniuk

Artistric Director Picture

We are very excited to introduce our new Artistic Director, Brent Kostyniuk!

Brent has been dancing for 21 years and has danced with the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers for 6  of those years.  He has taken Ukrainian dance workshops in Ukraine, Toronto and Edmonton. Brent further pursed his passion for Ukrainian dance by teaching at a variety of schools over the past 10 years and has attained his Shumka Syllabus Tier 2 certification. He has his RAD certification for teaching at the grade 6 level. Brent has also competed and taught national level gymnastics and was associated with Cirque du Soleil.

He is very excited to be our new Artistic Director and everyone at Zorianka is looking forward to learning from him! Welcome to our dance family.

Image by Robert Tinga Photography

Instructor Annalise Chwok

Instructor Picture We are thrilled that Annalise Chwok will also be joining us this year to teach our younger dancers.

In 2003, Annalise danced with the Ardrossan Yatran Ukrainian Dancers, and then continued to dance with the Shumka School of Dance for the next 10 years. In 2015, she successfully auditioned for the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers, and has been continuing to pursue her passion there ever since. In addition to her training in Ukrainian dance, Annalise has also trained in ballet with Dance Unlimited, at the Shumka School of Dance and now with Shumka. She has also completed some training in contemporary dancing throughout the years.

Outside of dancing, Annalise is currently entering her second year in the faculty of education at the University of Alberta. She loves children and having the opportunity to not only teach them, but to learn from them as well!

Annalise's primary goal this year is to create a positive and respectful learning environment where everyone can have fun and enjoy coming to dance class every week. She is excited to join our Zorianka dance family.